“After wages, office premises are likely to be the largest cost to your business” (RICS Research)

At JK we use our in depth knowledge of the market place, our detailed understanding of the legislations and expert negotiation skills to get the best deal possible.  

Read in more detail to see how JK can help you save money and time, take responsibility, add value and provide peace of mind…


Leasing/Letting & Relocating

Working with tenants to provide tailored advice when acquiring and disposing of commercial leases.

Here at JK we never provide the same advice twice.  We begin instructions by listening, by learning your business and the motivation for your property requirement.  This enables us to provide impartial advice from the outset whether you’re looking for new space, relocating or even expanding into new areas of the country. 

Lease Renewals

Taking professional advice from a surveyor during a lease renewal can save your business time and money.

The detail of a lease is what will affect your bottom line, nearly as much as the headline rent.  At JK we work hard to negotiate the best terms to suit your business plan.  JK provides proactive advice which can reap significant rewards and turn a stressful process into a business opportunity by understanding the local market and staying abreast of the most up to date practices.


Rent Reviews

Successful rent reviews are fundamental to using your property efficiently.

JK is highly experienced in this area and we regularly provide clear and impartial advice to occupiers who have provision for a review within their lease. 

Becoming your own Landlord

It is becoming increasingly popular for some businesses to consider purchasing a property from which to operate.

While many large corporate firms have over the last five years sold and leased back property they occupy, it is increasingly the opposite for owner-managed businesses, where management are deciding to buy property as a way of tax and pension planning.  For example, developments which offer small, self-contained offices have been popular as self invested pension plans (SIPPs) become more mainstream.  However both retail and industrial properties work just as well for this type of investment and can give a business stronger identity by having their own front door.