Rent Reviews

Successful rent reviews are fundamental to using your property efficiently

JK is highly experienced in this area and we regularly provide clear and impartial advice to occupiers who have provision for a review within their lease.  Traditionally review have been viewed as a tool for landlords to raise the rent however more frequent negotiations based on new terms (which are now the norm) often provide an opportunity for rents to fall where handled well. It is therefore always best to be proactive before waiting for the landlord to contact you. Many clients have benefited from our support in this regard and we would be happy to put our expertise to work for you too.

If your landlord has already begun the review process it is important to be properly represented through this technical process.  JK provides a high quality tailored service which will allow the process to be easily managed by giving clear guidance on the options available. We work tirelessly to negotiate the best terms possible and where a settlement cannot be agreed, also provide representation in court.