Planning Development Viability

Creating developments that are profitable

Following the economic recession, planning rules in England and Wales have been majorly overhauled by the UK government.  Many practices and ideas from just five years ago are, if not yet obsolete, likely to be soon.  Sourcing the latest advice is therefore critical and our services can be the difference between a client having an unusable development for a number of years and money in the bank from having utilised a site to its fullest potential and maximised development opportunities.

Planning is the most critical service that impacts on development delivery.  The coalition government has by the introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework, sought to establish a faster and more efficient service.  It has also introduced the Localism Act to involve local people more effectively in the planning process.

Today a different culture is required and JK is at the forefront of the industry, taking an approach that incorporates experience and hard-nosed business acumen with communication and consultation to generate ownership of the Local Plan among those involved. The new way relies on fully structured negotiations and only refers to the appeal system in the last resort, moving away from a litigious planning system to one that is positive and proactive. To know more about the changes and our expertise in this area, please give us a call.