Planning and Environmental Mediation Service

The proposal to introduce the use of mediation to facilitate the resolution of any dispute in the planning and environmental sector is not an overnight reaction.

Since becoming a mediator in 1996, Kevan Carrick has been actively involved in the consultation process by the Planning Inspectorate and the RICS Dispute Resolution Service.

An RICS panel of mediators was established, of which Kevan is an inaugural member.

The service is to resolve conflicts and help to speed up the planning and environmental decision process. Such mediation might be used for:

- Section 106 obligations

- Appeals

- Compulsory Purchase

- Infrastructure proposals

- Highways

- Enforcement

- Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

- Compensation

- Planning viability assessment

- Affordable housing viability assessment


and much more, even to the community consultation process prior to the submission of an application.

The benefits of mediation in the process of planning are:

- Parties retain control

- Cost effective

- Quick

- Greater chance for success

- Improved transparency

- Flexible, and can consider wider implications than appeals


This is a bespoke service that can meet the needs of the parties. Mediation can also cope with multi-party matters.

Kevan can bring detailed experience as a chartered surveyor in viability, deliverability and successful development combined with his skill as a mediator and communicator.

JK welcome initial enquiries to discuss how mediation might work and how best to implement the process.

Planning and Environmental Mediation Service