Investors and Developers

Investing in property is no longer the certainty it was in the bull market, which ended in economic recession. Development is in a similar position.

Low demand and limitation of access to finance makes investment and development challenging.

At JK expertise, innovation and entrepreneurial skill are combined with knowledge of the market and a thorough understanding of the policies and funding available through EU Commission, UK government, Local Enterprise Partnership and local councils.

JK is also committed, and is independent board member of several policy groups created by the North East LEP, and local councils. Full knowledge of policies that have the impact on investment policy and development decision creates the ability to forecast future activities.


Planning Development Viability

Creating developments that are profitable

Following the economic recession, planning rules in England and Wales have been majorly overhauled by the UK government.  Many practices and ideas from just five years ago are, if not yet obsolete, likely to be soon.  Sourcing the latest advice is therefore critical and our services can be the difference between a client having an unusable development for a number of years and money in the bank from having utilised a site to its fullest potential and maximised development opportunities.


Guiding public and private sector clients and turning old into new for the benefit of the region.

Regeneration is all about bringing new life to areas, changing the dominant use from something old and fading into industries that are new and expanding or better quality places for people to live and enjoy. It is about securing economic growth and a higher quality of life for those who live and work in the area. JK has many successful years of experience in advising on regeneration and our staff have overseen many high profile projects over the last 30 years.

Development Appraisals

Unlocking value in commercial property development throughout the region.

The viability of development has come under increasing scrutiny in recent times.  Now demonstrating viability through well researched and robust appraisal methodology is even more important.  Here at JK we provide our clients with clear and concise appraisals and valuations for a variety of purposes to assist in the development process. 

Development Management

Turn ambitious goals into concrete plans and add value to your portfolio.

Many of our clients have a huge amount of property experience, but others have none.  Whichever camp you fall into, by instructing JK Property Consultants you have the opportunity to benefit from our experience and expertise, as well as our infrastructure, databases and full suite of services. 

Land Sales and Acquisition

Whether buying or selling development sites, JK provides strategic advice and secures the best deals possible using a range of strategies.

In the present market it is now, more than ever, imperative to seek accurate advice when purchasing or selling a potential development site.  JK has advised on many deals and our team looks at each instruction holistically to find opportunities to add value and create additional opportunities.

Investment Management

The strategic management of property investments, to maximise both income and capital returns.

Our clients hold property investments for various reasons: to increase wealth, as a pension fund, as a primary business function or as a corporate asset.  Whatever your investment objectives, JK  can help you achieve better returns in a shorter timeframe.

Investment Agency

Buying and selling property investments to achieve maximum returns and reduce risk. 

Property investment can be lucrative; it can provide a hedge against the fluctuations of the stock market and regularly beat returns from money in the bank.  Property is often a long-term investment, where investors try to take advantage of both capital and income returns, but this is not always the best way for profits to be made.  Often gains are realised through purchasing at the right price, or by selling at the right time.