Development Appraisals

Unlocking value in commercial property development throughout the region

The viability of development has come under increasing scrutiny in recent times.  Now demonstrating viability through well researched and robust appraisal methodology is even more important.  Here at JK we provide our clients with clear and concise appraisals and valuations for a variety of purposes to assist in the development process.  We are often brought in at the conception stage not only to suggest uses and undertake appraisals for viability studies, but to take on management of the development process, assisting with securing finance, securing planning permission right through to sale or lettings.  This we believe is testament to our cutting edge practices, mixed with our experienced and diligent approach.

We advise a range of clients from small developments to strategic land portfolios worth millions of pounds.  Understanding your objectives and risk appetite is a key starting point so that appropriate and impartial advice can be given.  Our experience of the regional markets allows us to advise on property development matters that clients may otherwise have been unaware of, allowing us to forecast well and create a plan that realises a profit.