Compulsory Purchase Orders

Advising either the acquiring authority or the affected party on the implications of a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO)

JK has extensive experience in acting for both parties through CPOs.  While acting for the acquiring authority, JK has advised several local authorities and other public sector clients on the strategy for acquisition to purchase by agreement or under compulsion.  The effort to purchase must, from the outset, be seen to comply with the underlying principles of the code for compulsory purchase and JK is able to provide high quality and timely advice to smooth out the process and save costs.  Establishing the need (i.e. a regeneration objective) and ensuring that there is an underlying case will enable a successful Order to be confirmed.  JK can assist the acquiring authority to substantiate this need and if required can organise a viable scheme, confirm planning consent and appoint a preferred developer, as well as assist with finance.  

When acting for the claimant JK has advised many private and public sector clients on the acquisition of lands.  Cases have ranged from a simple corner shop to the more complex cases such as rail land, as well as land with development potential. In preparing the proposals a resolution to run a CPO is required and JK is able to give support to the legal team in its preparation of a case.