Becoming your own Landlord

It is becoming increasingly popular for some businesses to consider purchasing a property from which to operate

While many large corporate firms have over the last five years sold and leased back property they occupy, it is increasingly the opposite for owner-managed businesses, where management are deciding to buy property as a way of tax and pension planning.  For example, developments which offer small, self-contained offices have been popular as self invested pension plans (SIPPs) become more mainstream.  However both retail and industrial properties work just as well for this type of investment and can give a business stronger identity by having their own front door.

JK provides impartial advice, helping you find the solution to suit your businesses and personal circumstances.  Wherever the business operates from, it is likely rent will have to be paid - so why not pay it to yourself?  The interest paid on borrowing can also reduce tax liabilities, whilst the asset is there as a long-term investment. 

JK supplies strategic advice on how best to structure a purchase, working closely with you and your accountant and other advisors to make sure the deals suits you.  We can assist you to find a property, or even approach your existing landlord to negotiate a purchase, seeing the deal through to a satisfactory completion. We’re here as much or as little as you like to help you achieve your goal.